FAQ - Book Box

1. Can I change my book selection or age group after I have already signed up?
Yes, you can change the age bracket and book selection at any time by logging into your account and applying changes.

2. Can I choose specific titles each month?
Our trained panel of book specialists do the choosing so that you get a wide variety of titles without the sweat. The idea behind the JewishBookBox.com was to have the cost-effective subscription delivered to your door with no work on your part. Oh, and the element of surprise, of course, rates high on our list!

3. What if I already own some of the titles I get in the box?
Unfortunately, books cannot be exchanged or returned. To ensure that you don’t receive titles you already own each week, we try to put most recently published books into our book boxes and are usually successful in filling the toddler and youth boxes with new titles each month. It is more difficult to find newly published books for older children, teens and adults every month. We are always hunting for those titles though, and if there is a new release you will most certainly be getting them. (You are more than welcome to regift or trade with friends, neighbors or any other book lover you know).

4. Do I get to keep all the books that come?
Most certainly. The JewishBookBox.com is thrilled to provide an entertaining read each month that you can re-read over and over again. We are not a rental service. The books are yours to keep.

5. How many books do I get in in each box?
The boxes contain between 2-5 books each month, depending on the list price of the books. We make sure each subscriber gets up to 30% off MSRP.

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