Jewish Book Box


Can I change my book selection or age group after I have already signed up?

Yes, you can change the age bracket and book selection at any time by logging into your account and applying changes.

Can I choose specific titles each month?

Our trained panel of book specialists do the choosing so that you get a wide variety of titles without the sweat. The idea behind the JewishBookBox.com was to have the cost-effective subscription delivered to your door with no work on your part. Oh, and the element of surprise, of course, rates high on our list!

What if I already own some of the titles I get in the box?

We select brand-new books to avoid sending you titles that you've already read. We hope you enjoy these fresh-from-the-press releases. If you've beaten us to it, great job book worm! Unfortunately, books cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Do I get to keep all the books that come?

Most certainly. The JewishBookBox.com is thrilled to provide an entertaining read each month that you can re-read over and over again. We are not a rental service. The books are yours to keep.

How many books do I get in each box?

The boxes contain between 2-5 books each month, depending on the list price of the books. 

What ages is it for?

The Jewish Book Box offers toddler, kid, and teen subscriptions options. Categories include: Preschool, 1-2nd Grade, 3-5 Grade, 6-8th Grade, Teens and Adults. You can also customize the box by audience type (boys, girls, both) and by book type (Jewish Only, Jewish & Vetted Secular, Yiddish). Each Book Box can be personalized for parents to be involved as much or as little as they see fit for the age and maturity of their child.

How are the books selected?

We curate 2-5 new books from the finest selection in Jewish and/or worldly literature. Each book is read and discussed by our team before it is included in any subscription box. Our review panel of educators and authors vets all books to ensure that they meet community values and surpass educational standards.

Are these new or used books?

Every book included in the Jewish Book Box is brand new and carefully curated just for you. Although we encourage you to share the books with a friend after you've read it.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. All shipping costs are included in the cost of your subscription.

Can I purchase a subscription plan as a gift to someone?

Yes. A monthly subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Just add the information of who you want to receive the box when purchasing the subscription plan.

Can I order just one box?

You certainly can! The Jewish Book Box has no long-term commitments, which means you can cancel the subscription at any time, even after just one box. However, we encourage you to subscribe on a monthly basis to save money and get the best of Jewish and worldly literature all year round.

Will I know which books will come in the next box?

Every month our curatorship prepares a unique selection to surprise you with engaging and unexpected readings. 

What type of comics are included in the Comics box?

The Comics box included 2 Jewish Comics that are for a variety of ages and audiences. 

What if I have children in multiple ranges?

Lucky you! Consider getting each of them their own subscription (yay!), so that they can each have a box addressed to them. You can also change the box every month.

Do you offer international shipping?

We offer shipping to anywhere within the United States.

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 4thh of months to which you are subscribed. To check when your subscription will renew, you can log into your account page.

When will my Box arrive?

We ship most boxes the week following the 4th of every month via USPS Media Mail, and boxes reach their destination typically within 6-9 business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your box is shipped. If you sign up for your first box after the 20th it will ship out the same month if the titles are available, if not your first box will the the 4th of the following month

What else is included in the box?

We provide a high quality newsletter for engaging readers further as well as a small toy for fun.

How do I update my payment information?

Update your payment information by logging into your Account Dashboard. click the edit (pencil) icon next to “Payment method.”

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send an email to contact@jewishbox.com and we'll get you all sorted out! If you give us feedback on what would make the jewishbox a better fit for your family, we’d be extremely grateful! You must request cancellation of your account by 12:00pm on the 3rd of the month in order to not receive that month’s box.


Jewish Bake Box

Which ages will enjoy the Bake Box?

The Bake Box is for both girls and boys of any age, although your little ones may need some help doing the activities.
Which Kosher Certification does the bake box have?

The Bake Box has the kosher certification of CRC- and all our ingredients are Parve. See our Kosher certification here.

My ingredients are hard, what happened?

Our ingredients are vacuum-packed for freshness, and the vacuum-packing process can make some ingredients seem hard or solid. Just open up the bag and give the contents a shake, and you’ll have everything back to normal (and guaranteed fresher, too!)

Will I need to supply any ingredients?

Sometimes, but don’t worry, you’ll probably already have these common pantry items lying around. Depending on the recipe, you may need to supply perishable items such as eggs, milk, cream or butter.

Do I need any special equipment to prepare the recipe?

Our recipes are easy peasy lemon squeezy. So, for the majority of Jewish Bake Box subscription recipes all you will need is a mixing bowl, baking tray and sometimes a rolling pin. Stand or hand mixer may be used in some recipes.

Can the Bake Box accommodate food allergies?

No. We are unable to adjust our recipes and ingredients for allergies at this time due to the curated nature of our boxes. Our ingredients are all packaged in a facility that may contain nuts, wheat, dairy, and other allergens.

Is the Bake Box facility nut-free?

No, we are not nut-free.  While we take great care to avoid cross-contamination, we CANNOT ensure that all ingredients do not contain trace amounts of nuts. We do not make the nut flours or nuts that we include in our baking kits. If you have a nut allergy or are purchasing for someone who does, please be aware that we are NOT a nut-free facility.


Jewish Craft Box

How does a month-to-month subscription work?

With the Jewish Craft Box you can choose your plan and have your box shipped on the 15th of the next month. First, you’ll fill out your profile, customizing your plan so your box is just right. Based on your preferences, we’ll then choose a minimum of two age-appropriate, thoughtfully packed projects per month and ship it right away to you. Now all you have to do is wait for your box!

Are the craft supplies safe and non-toxic?

The Jewish Craft Box is Kid-tested and mom-approved. We are all about safety first. All our kits are packed with age-appropriate, non-toxic materials, so your kids can enjoy crafting and you can enjoy not having to worry about anything.

What’s included in each Jewish Craft Box?

Each month Jewish Craft Box sends you a thoughtfully packed box with the materials for distinct craft projects. Our craft boxes are perfectly packed with just the right materials and clear, user-friendly directions.

Can Craft Boxes be shared?

Our Craft Boxes are designed for one child, but many families have children who share a box. The number of projects vary from box to box.

Will my recipient be notified if I ordered the box as a gift?

When their first box arrives, gift recipients are notified via email. If you want to tell them the good news sooner, send them a personalized gift certificate. You don't want them to receive an email? Fill in your own email address as the recipient's email address.

Will I need to purchase any materials myself?

The box will contain almost everything you will need to complete the various activities and crafts, with the exception of a few basic supplies that you may already have lying around your house. In addition to crayons, pencils, and markers, these basic supplies also include glue, scissors, and tape.

We are going out of town. Can I skip a month?

In case of travel or vacation, you can skip your monthly subscription for up to 4 months. If you are going out of town, let us know by email how long you will need to temporarily suspend the plan for. Note that skip requests require manual processing from our team, so please be aware that last minute skip requests may not be processed in time to prevent the next scheduled shipping.