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Embark on a literary journey with our 1st to 2nd Grade Box subscription, blending Jewish culture with captivating storytelling! 

Dive into imagination with carefully selected books for young readers. Each month, unwrap stories fostering a love for reading and exploring Jewish family values.

Why Choose the 1st to 2nd Grade Box:

• Age-Appropriate Adventures: Delight your young reader with captivating stories and content that aligns with their interests, inspiring confidence in their exploration.

• Educational Enrichment: Support academic growth with books that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and empathy, complementing classroom learning.

• Interactive and Engaging: Spark imagination with interactive storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and hands-on activities for a fun reading experience.

• Family Values: Infuse your home with Jewish values through stories celebrating kindness, compassion, and community, fostering meaningful connections.
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Some of the Books Our First and Second Graders Received:

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