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  • Stainless steel rolling pin with thickness rings: This 17-inch rolling pin is made from high quality stainless steel for superior durability and longevity. It resists rust far better than ordinary aluminum rolling pins, embossed rolling pin or tortilla roller. The sturdy and robust construction ensures it will last a long time even with frequent use. Compared to traditional dough roller such as a rolling pin and mat or silicone rolling pin, this rolling pin for dough will add durability to your baking needs.
  • Adjustable Rolling Pin: Our rolling pins for baking comes with 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 inch (2mm/4mm/6mm/10mm) removable rings. The outstanding advantage of this rolling pin with design thickness rings over other simple pie making tools such as mini or small rolling pin, wooden rolling pin, embossed rolling pins for cookies, pastry roller or dough roller pin is that it allows you to control the thickness of the different dough more accurately, whether it's thin or thick, you can easily roll out the desired result with simple adjustments.
  • Perfect Dough Thickness This rolling pin rings for dough thickness can easily help you achieve the ideal thickness of dough, no matter you want to make pizzas, pies, biscuits, breads, dumplings, pasta or pancakes, you will be able to control the thickness of it perfectly. What's more, our kitchen roller pin comes with 4 removable rings that can be used to cut the dough in addition to adjusting the thickness of the rolling pin, saving you the hassle of changing bread cutters and making your baking life more convenient.
  • Pastry Rolling Pin: By removing all the rings, the pastry rolling pin can used as a original straight wooden rolling pins for baking, bread roller or wood roller, an ideal tool and companion for baking and cooking. The measuring rolling pin can effectively roll out the dough into the right thickness and shape. The rolling pin is durable to use, unlike engraved rolling pin or embossed rolling pin that may lose their patterns over time.
  • Smooth Dough Surface:The material of the baking roller pin is made of high quality stainless steel, which avoids pulling or tearing of the dough caused by rough surface and ensures the integrity and texture of the dough. This cookie rolling pin will be just as good a tool for your kitchen as any other cookie decorating tools and supplies, such as cookie mold, cookie run, cookie press, clay rolling pin, ravioli mold, or pastry cloth. It is like a careful pastry chef, gently but precisely shaping your ideal dough thickness and shape.
  • Easy to Use & Dishwasher Safe: The adjustable rolling pin with thickness rings is easy to clean and won't attract flour or other residue, keeping the pastry tools pasta rolling pin always clean and tidy. Just one swipe is all it takes to restore the shine, greatly reducing your cleanup burden. This dumpling rolling pin is easy to clean, as are the baking set such as the small wooden rolling pin for dough, cookie rolling pin with thickness rings, fondant marble rolling pin, ravioli roller, gingerbread or mushroom house cookie cutter.
  • Small Portion Baking Pastries: For small portions made by a single person or couple, who may be making pastry, our pizza dough roller has 1/16-inch (2mm) and 1/8-inch (4mm) removable rings, which may be more suitable for them. They can use the 1/8-inch (4mm) removable ring for thin-bottomed pizzas, pancakes, or flapjacks, and they can use the 1/16-inch (2mm) removable ring for biscuits and biscuits, dumplings, or ravioli.
  • Family Baking Fun: This pasta making tools 17-inch pizza roller pin can satisfy your need to bake all kinds of treats, whether it's pizza, biscuits or pies. You can even invite your family to join in and fill the kitchen with fun and bonding. Unlike other cookie decorating supplies fondant tools such as plastic or metal rolling pins, clay slab roller pins, rolling pin cover and pastry cloths, baking mat for rolling out dough, our rolling pin not only rolls out dough, but also easily flattens pizza crusts, biscuit dough and more.
  • Space Saving: This baking tools extra long rolling pin for baking is cleverly designed, moderately sized, easy to store and will not make your kitchen look crowded at all. When you're not using it, it can be easily stowed away to make the most of your kitchen space. No need to worry about the french rolling pin for dough taking up too much space in your kitchen. Let your cooking experience be free from space constraints and enjoy the joy of baking with ease.
  • Multi Function Rolling Pin The precision pizza rolling pin not only rolls out flat dough easily, but can also be used for mixing, greatly simplifying the cooking process. If you are passionate about baking and already own various baking utensils such as pie rings for crust adjustable, pie rolling mat, roll pin removal tool, pie press mold, pastry mat or mixer, rolling ruler, pastry lattice roller cutter, dough sheeter, or gingerbread house mold, then this stainless steel French rolling pin will definitely be your perfect partner.

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